• Best kruger walking safari

Walking Safari

A walking safari is a physical reminder of what’s truly important. Immersed in untouched nature, a serene setting devoid of all digital distractions, you can feel the relaxation seeping in. You start to take cognisance of your senses - the tickle of long grass, the acoustics of birdsong, the fizzle of your drink as it quenches your thirst. Your days will begin at pre-dawn, with a homemade rusk and coffee before setting out with your expert field guides and trackers. As a group, you’ll explore the magnificent and diverse terrain over the course of 3 to 4 hours, tracking game, observing the abundant birdlife and learning about the area’s rich flora and fauna.

You’ll arrive at a surprise location, with a full bush breakfast awaiting and a safari vehicle ready to return you to camp once you’re full. The heat of the afternoon can be spent in the shade of your private deck, in the freshness of the splash pool or engaging in a game of backgammon in the cool depths of the dry riverbed.

A light luncheon will be served after which the group will commence its second exploration on foot. As the sun begins to set, your walk will likely end at a viewpoint overlooking the immense wilderness, its inhabitants beginning to stir as the air cools. You’ll sense the camp before returning to it, inhaling the smoke from the open fire, hearing its crackle and feeling the warmth of its flame. Evenings are filled with delicious local wines, a traditional “braai” and the sound of laughter as you recount the day’s unforgettable anecdotes.