We bet you didn’t know these weird wildlife collective nouns...

Posted on Wed October 12, 2016.

While the origins of these wildlife collective nouns, I have never managed to track down, they have still evoked some great reactions from Klaserie Sands River Camp’s guests over the years. And as much as I can’t find who exactly came up with them, they have certainly been echoed in many books and publications.

So the next time you see these African animals grouping together in the bush, be sure to show off your knowledge of these wonderfully fitting collective nouns:

A clan of hyena

A leap of leopards

A dazzle of zebra

A memory of elephant

A prickle of porcupine

An armoury of aardvarks

A pod or raft of hippos

A crash of rhino

A parliament of owls

A confusion of guinea fowl

A convocation of eagles

A whoop of gorillas

A business of mongoose

An obstinacy of buffalo

An implausibility of wildebeest

A wake of vultures

A fling of oxpeckers

A gaggle of geese

A hedge of herons

A pod of pelicans

A tower of giraffe (when the giraffe are standing still)

A journey of giraffe (for moving animals)

A pride of lion

A coalition of cheetah

A bask of crocodiles

A flamboyance of flamingoes