Play our Klaserie Sands Safari Trivia at home!

Posted on Thu April 16, 2020.

We have been running a weekly, interactive Safari Trivia across our Facebook and Instagram pages for a few weeks now and it is proving to be extremely popular!

So, we thought we would give you the questions to run your own trivia game at home with your family or friends. Some of the questions are easier than others, but there's no doubt that you will learn something new by the end!

Get your players to write down their answers so you can add up their score at the end. The correct answers are at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

Trivia Round One:

1) What is the gestation period of an elephant?

a)      9 months

b)      15 months

c)      20 months

d)      22 months

2) What is a group of hyenas called?

a)      A pack

b)      A clan

c)      A pride

d)      A giggle

3) How fast can a leopard run?

a)      45 km/hour

b)      58 km/hour

c)      72 km/hour

d)      90 km/hour

4) How many bones are in a giraffe’s neck?

a)      7

b)      12

c)      26

d)      32

5) The centre point of a buffalo’s horns is known as what?

a)      The helmet

b)      The crest

c)      The shield

d)      The boss

6) What is the conservation status of the white rhino worldwide?

a)      Near threatened

b)      Vulnerable

c)      Endangered

d)      Critically endangered

7) An elephant’s tusk is a modified…

a)      Incisor tooth

b)      Canine tooth

c)      Pre-molar tooth

d)      Molar tooth

8) On average, lions sleep how long per day?

a)      12 hours

b)      16 hours

c)      20 hours

d)      22 hours

9) What is the African wild dog’s Latin name?

a)      Canis mesomelas

b)      Lycaon pictus

c)      Crocuta crocuta

d)      Panthera pardus

10) How long can hippos hold their breath underwater?

a)      Up to 5 minutes

b)      Up to 8 minutes

c)      Up to 14 minutes

d)      Up to 20 minutes

Bonus Question: Who am I?

I am not one of the 'Big Five', but I am named after one of them.
I am a vegetarian.
I lay eggs.
I might be small, but I can live up to 100 years.
My home comes with me wherever I go.
Who am I?

Trivia Round Two:

1) How many species of zebra are there in Africa?

a)      1

b)      2

c)      3

d)      4

2) What is the name of a baby lion?

a)      Pup

b)      Kitten

c)      Joey

d)      Cub

3) What is a group of mongoose called?

a)      A business

b)      A colony

c)      A cast

d)      A herd

4) How old do wild elephants live?

a)      Up to 40 years

b)      Up to 50 years

c)      Up to 60 years

d)      Up to 70 years

5) What is the average top speed of a cheetah?

a)      72 km/hour

b)      85 km/hour

c)      96 km/hour

d)      112 km/hour

6) What do dung beetles do with their dung balls?

a)      Bury it

b)      Eat it

c)      Lay an egg inside it

d)      All of the above

7) A leopard’s night vision is how many times better than ours?

a)      3 times better

b)      7 times better

c)      10 times better

d)      13 times better

8) Vultures are poached in Africa for which body part?

a)      The head

b)      The wing

c)      The heart

d)      The feet

9) Kudu horns are also used as what?

a)      A vessel to collect water

b)      A musical instrument

c)      A walking stick

d)      A weapon in battle

10) True or false: Wild dogs look after the sick or injured?

a)      True

b)      False

Bonus Question: Who am I?

I am not known for my good looks.
I prefer to live in open grasslands.
I am a mammal.
Part of my name includes a colour.
The mass migration of my kind is considered one of nature's greatest spectacles.
Who am I?

Trivia Round Three:

1) What is the conservation status of wild dogs?

a)      Least Concern

b)      Vulnerable

c)      Endangered

d)      Critically Endangered

2) True or false: Chameleons can change their colour?

a)      True

b)      False

3) What is a male zebra called?

a)      A mare

b)      A stallion

c)      A bull

d)      A ram

4) How much can elephant eat per day?

a)      Up to 90kg

b)      Up to 140kg

c)      Up to 200kg

d)      Up to 270kg

5) Pangolins are illegally poached for what?

a)      Their scales

b)      Their meat

c)      Their blood

d)      All of the above

6) What is a group of lions called?

a)      A pack

b)      A leap

c)      A pride

d)      A muster

7) When giraffe bulls fight, it is known as…

a)      Necking

b)      Bullying

c)      Jostling

d)      Jousting

8) Leopards are famous for taking their prey…

a)      Into a tree

b)      Into water

c)      Into a cave

d)      Underground

9) The white rhino is more correctly know as?

a)      The hook-lipped rhino

b)      The square-lipped rhino

c)      The hard-lipped rhino

d)      The round-lipped rhino

10) Baby impala begin walking how long after birth?

a)      60 minutes

b)      30 minutes

c)      15 minutes

d)      2 minutes


Round One: 1) d, 2) b, 3) c, 4) a, 5) d, 6) b, 7) a, 8) c, 9) b, 10) a.     Who Am I? Leopard Tortoise.

Round Two: 1) c, 2) d, 3) a, 4) d, 5) d, 6) d, 7) b, 8) a, 9) b, 10) a      Who Am I? Blue wildebeest.

Round Three: 1) c, 2) a, 3) b, 4) d, 5) d, 6) c, 7) a, 8) a, 9) b, 10) c