Hyena clan takes a dip

Posted on Fri July 1, 2016 in Wildlife.

On a clear and crisp morning while sipping our first cup of coffee, the peace of the dawn chorus was shattered by the ecstatic cackling of Klaserie Sands‘ resident clan of hyenas. On hearing this, we headed off in hot pursuit and it didn’t take us too long to find them finishing off a wildebeest carcass they had recently killed.

The clan, numbering over 20 hyena, had successfully hunted and killed a six month old wildebeest. The now frenzied hyenas finished off the last few mouthfuls and started to head for the nearest pan. As we followed, the clearly happy clan played and jostled with one another. After quenching their thirst they decided that the frigid temperatures where clearly not a problem and took their play to the water.


Hyenas are very strong swimmers and can even be seen diving for food. It’s quite common for hyena to wallow in water in order to cool down during the heat of the day, and after a tiring hunt, this clan clearly needed some cooling. The shaggy long haired coat of the brown hyena acts as a sponge, soaking up the water and keeping the hyena cool.