5 reasons to choose an African safari for your honeymoon

Posted on Fri May 15, 2020.

You've uttered your "I dos", opened all of the wishing-well cards and finally started to sink into that "Wow, I can't believe my wedding day happened so quickly!" feeling. But now, one of the best bits of your married life is about to begin: the honeymoon.

Say goodbye to those post-wedding blues because the adventure starts here! All those months dedicated to planning the perfect day are behind you and it's about time you invested your energy into something that is rewarding for just the two of you.

The whirlwind of emotions has passed and you now get to embrace some intimate alone-time with your partner, without needing to make small-talk with crazy Auntie Jude who you haven't seen since that family Christmas circa 2008. Finally! But where to go? Here's why we think an African safari is the perfect honeymoon escape.

1) Once-in-a-lifetime, unique experiences:

There's no doubt about it, a wedding (for most people) is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, why not keep running with the 'once-in-a-lifetime' theme and opt for an equally unique and exciting honeymoon to match? After all, this dreamy holiday immediately follows one of the biggest and most memorable milestone moments in your relationship together and is one you are going to look back on fondly for years to come.

And let me tell you, an African safari is bursting at the seams with unique, unforgettable moments! In fact, every single game drive is different and you will leave with your own collection of safari sightings that are unique to you and the handful of others you shared your vehicle with.

Your animal encounters will be different to everyone who came before you and everyone who comes after you. It is conceivable that future guests will see the same animals as you, but they will not see them in exactly the same spot doing exactly the same behaviour as you did. Those moments and memories are uniquely yours to cherish.

I never make promises, but here's one I feel confident making: seeing an African elephant up close in the wild for the first time is likely to be up there with your wedding day in the mental bank of 'moments I will never forget'.

2) Excitement and adventure:

What better way to begin married life than with a true couple's adventure? Particularly if you are an animal or nature lover, there is little more thrilling than seeing these wild creatures up close in their natural habitat.

Even the sounds and smells of the surrounding scenery is enough to dazzle the senses as you trade your mobile phone for a pair of binoculars and attune yourself to the natural world around you.

With no fences between the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and the Kruger National Park, you can rest assured these animals are truly 'wild'. No, we are not taking you on a relaxed tour around a zoo or enclosure. We are taking you deep into the African bush in search of its magnificent creatures, great and small. Are you ready to have your minds blown?

3) Intimacy and romance:

Africa is a place that fosters deep connections: to nature; to wildlife; to each other. It was the birthplace of humanity; a continent on which your ancient ancestors once roamed through open plains and rolling savanna grasslands, and there is undoubtedly an intrinsic sense of belonging just waiting to be discovered here.

If you're wanting to add an 'Out of Africa' romance to your honeymoon safari then you've come to the right place! Imagine sharing sundowner drinks together with the fiery backdrop of an African sunset or squeezing your partner's hand as an almighty lion strolls past your side of the game vehicle. And this is only the beginning...

Intimate safari lodges are experts when it comes to pulling out all the romance stops and specialise in the small, thoughtful touches that will make your honeymoon extra special. Whether it's rose petals on the bed, a candlelit private dinner under the stars or a surprise champagne bubble bath; you will never want to leave your glorious, loved-up honeymoon bubble.

4) Diversity and culture:

From indulging in the sensual delights of an open-fire braai (barbeque) to singing and dancing in the sandy riverbed with our local people, South Africa's rich cultural traditions are certainly woven into the tapestry of a memorable safari experience.

The country itself is the perfect combination of picturesque coastlines with postcard-worthy beaches, wine regions in which to indulge yourself in globally-acclaimed food and beverage, and some of the most incredible wildlife-viewing on the planet.

You don't have to forfeit your ocean-side R&R with umbrella-adorned cocktails in order to experience the mystery and magic of Africa. Simply combine your safari with a visit to Cape Town (frequently voted the most beautiful city in the world), or even Mozambique or Mauritius, for a dizzying mix of landscapes, animals and culture that is bound to leave you with a few stories to tell.

5) Isolation and privacy:

In my opinion, there is nothing less romantic than the constant chime of mobile phones, blaring televisions and the emails your colleagues insist on sending despite the 'Out of Office' message on your inbox. Thank goodness we have the bush to escape from all this!

With no phone reception and just enough wifi to check in with your loved ones, you'll be opting for sharing campfire stories and lounging on the daybeds over scrolling through the internet or watching Netflix.

Picture yourself enjoying a peaceful candlelit dinner while silently watching as a herd of elephants emerges from the darkness to drink at the camp waterhole. Or perhaps choose the pinnacle of private and immersive African experiences when you spend a night together at our "million-star accommodation" - the Founder's Post starbed experience.

There's nothing quite like cosying up next to your newlywed partner as you both lie there and count the stars while listening to the bellowing calls of lions in the distance...

If you're looking to indulge in a romantic honeymoon adventure at Klaserie Sands, make sure you check out our 'Safari Romance' honeymoon package for those extra special touches that will have you dancing around your suite to the tune of 'Love Is In The Air'.

Article written by Elly Gearing with photos courtesy of Albie Venter, Henk Brand and Elly Gearing.