5 animals we LOVE that we only see in Summer

Posted by Elly on Fri December 18, 2020 in Wildlife.

Although there are many things to love about a winter safari, there are some truly special creatures that only make an appearance during the warm and wet summer months.

In this week's blog article, Elly tells us about some of her favourite summertime sightings so that you can keep an eye out for them on your next safari!

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Hyena clan takes a dip

Posted on Fri July 1, 2016 in Wildlife.

On a clear and crisp morning while sipping our first cup of coffee, the peace of the dawn chorus was shattered by the ecstatic cackling of Klaserie Sands‘ resident clan of hyenas. On hearing this, we headed off in hot pursuit and it didn’t take us too long to find them finishing off a wildebeest carcass they had recently killed.

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