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Bird migration: Where do they go?

Posted on Sun August 23, 2020.

Birds have been making thousand-kilometre journeys for millenia but scientists are still puzzling over their unique ability to navigate the globe on a scale that is simply bewildering for such small creatures. Some species will even return to the exact same nest site year after year.

Besides their propensity for annual travel, there is very little that makes a migratory species different to their stay-at-home counterparts, yet migration has clearly become a very successful strategy for survival.
So, why do they do it? Guide Elly has the answers...

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Focus on Wildlife: 7 wild facts you may not know about leopards!

Posted on Tue August 4, 2020.

The leopard is undoubtedly one of the world's most iconic big cats and commonly on the bucket lists of first-time and veteran safari-goers alike.

I have a saying on safari - "A leopard chooses when it wants to be seen." In other words, they are the masters of disguise - if a leopard does not want to be spotted, it will make itself invisible!

Because of their elusive and highly secretive nature, they have become one of the golden tickets when it comes to safari. Here, I've rounded up some of my favourite facts about leopards and discussed each in a little more detail. I've also left my favourite fact to the very end, so make sure you keep reading!

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What is the best time of year to go on safari?

Posted on Wed July 15, 2020.

When you are planning a safari, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what time of year to go and we regularly get asked whether certain seasons have an impact on the overall widlife-viewing experience.

Fortunately, safari in South Africa is an acitivity that you can do year-round. However, there are certainly differences one can expect to see between the summer and winter seasons that might be more or less favourable to the type of safari experience you are hoping for.

We asked Elly to break down the key differences between summer and winter in the Kruger to help you plan the best time for your next visit.

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Through the eyes of animals: What does the world look like to them?

Posted on Tue July 7, 2020.

What colours do they see?
How well do they see in the dark?
What can they see that we can't?

In this week's blog, Elly dives into the fascinating world of animal eyesight. Inspired by questions she often gets asked on safari, she goes on to reveal a few interesting facts about the animals you might just have at home...

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How elephants communicate: A whole new world of secret conversations

Posted on Wed June 24, 2020.

WARNING: By reading the following article, you are at risk of having your mind blown...

From the powerful, high-pitched trumpets and roars that echo throughout the landscape to the tender, low-frequency rumbles of a mother comforting her baby; elephants communicate in many different ways.

Here, Elly dives into the fascinating world of elephant communication and discovers that these gentle giants may just be talking about us behind our backs...

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